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We have various style wedding plans.
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for you who wants to have ceremony as soon as possible!
35guests¥980,000 (Exclude: Tax・SVC)
(~80guests Add 1 more guest¥18,000)

This plan is suitable if you are getting married and having a baby soon or have no time because of work transfer. Reasonably price wedding! We can offer it with a very low price depending on the day.

Ceremony Ceremony (Non-religious)
OthersMinimum charge/Changing room fee/Assistant fee/Hair & make fee/Table flowers/Marriage proof documents/Invitation card/Production fee/ANA Intercontinental accommodation fee
Ceremony at shrine with Japanese traditional clothes.

Ceremony at shrine with Japanese traditional clothes.

Ceremony at shrine with Japanese traditional clothes.
Your dreams come true!!
35guests¥1,180,000 (Exclude: Tax・SVC)
(~80guests Add 1 more guest¥18,000)

Special wedding collaboration with RUBY JACK’S Steakhouse & Bar and famous shrines in Tokyo. You can choose a shrine you like, and the plan has a support service for preparation of the wedding and transportation on the wedding day. The plan will enhance your wedding with Japanese traditional culture, delicious food and special service.

Ceremony Ceremony (Religious)
OutfitKimono/Bride (choose from Shiromuku base, Kurohiki or Irokake) Kimono/Groom (Mompuku, Hakama), Wedding dress, Tuxedo.
OthersEuropean style hair & make (Rehearsal hair make for either with Kimono or dress/includes dressing)/Assistant fee/Changing room fee/Production fee/Room fee/ANA Intercontinental accommodation fee
  • 赤坂氷川神社


  • 愛宕神社


  • 芝大神宮


  • 神社jpバナー
  • プチウェディングバナー
  • 東京京都婚バナー
  • 浅草ウェディングバナー
  • 2次会ナビバナー