Comfortable Part Dining

- With floor to ceiling opening windows RUBY JACK’S has an open feeling space
for your wedding reception. -
With 7 meter high ceiling, the dining hall can hold 60 guests maximum.
A fine quality atmosphere created by dining tables with smooth white table cloths and Cassina chairs.

We are always happy to show you our showroom!
Please do not hesitate to contact us!



Popular Questions
Please do not hesitate to contact us
if you have any questions.

Can our relatives join us at the showroom as well?
Yes. However, please make a reservation for the showroom.
Sometimes it may be difficult to book as it depends on the time and date, so please kindly call or email before you come.
What is the difference between a Restaurant Wedding
and a wedding in a ceremony hall/chapel?
Many guests who have a wedding in a restaurant tend to expect great food and originality.
L’Alliance produces wedding with specialised wedding planners, chefs, sommeliers, patissiers with detail.
We all fully support you to deliver delicious dishes and polished service.
Can we invite elderly guests?
Yes. We will take care of elderly guests and others who have disabilities with special care.
We are flexible about food too such as cutting meat etc…
And of course we are able to prepare chopsticks as well.
Do you have a special menu for children?
Yes. We do have menus for children and it can be arranged according to their age.
Of course we are able to acommodate for children
who have special diet or allergies to some ingredients.
Do you have a cloak room?
Yes. We have a fully serviced cloak room.
Can you arrange menus for people who have special diets,
dislikes and allergies to some ingredients?
If you could let us know about these problems in advance,
we are able to organise a special menu for them.
Do you provide accommodation for us?
Each place will introduce accommodation for you,
please talk with your personal planner if you require it.
Is there a changing room for guests?
We will prepare a room for changing clothes.
Please let us know if you would like to rent Tome-Sode (Japanese Traditional clothes).
Can we taste the proposed wedding menu?
Wedding full course can be tried by the bride, groom and their parents for half price.
However, please let us know in advance.
Could you recommend the timing for guests
such as the time for greetings and pouring sake?
Our recommendation is when bride and groom
change clothes or when it is free-time for all
We do not know when we should
make a final speech and how to do it.
Your personal planner will explain about the schedule before the wedding.
In a case that the bride and groom’s family makes a speech for ending the reception,
your planner will let them know the timing.
If you have any questions, please let your planner or staff
around you know at any time even on the wedding day.



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